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• 3/14/2017

Changing the Map

As seen in the episode "Anarchy", most of the Southern Rainforest has burnt down. I would like to change some parts of the rainforest into ashes. What do you say?
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• 3/6/2017

"Partners" Discussion

Let's talk about the Prehistoric Island episode "Partners"
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• 3/6/2017

What to expect in season 4

Give me a list of your expectations for Dinosaur Island Season 4!
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• 3/2/2017

Prehistoric Island March!

So, basically, for the rest of March and the first week of April, we will shift our focus to Matthew the Dinosaur King`s "Prehistoric Island". This thread will be be the official page for the drive. During this drive, everybody is encouraged to:

Watch Prehistoric Island
Create pages for Prehistoric Island
Update the sub-infoboxes (those annoying things in the code for the infoboxes are the sub-infoboxes)
And uploading Prehistoric Island screenshots
Let`s start the project now!
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• 2/23/2017

"Status Quo" Discussion

Let`s talk about the Prehistoric Island episode "Status Quo".
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• 2/22/2017

Make Wikia great Again.

This thread is from the Admin Discussion Board
All comments made by non-admins will be removed upon sight.
Erm ok so wiki has been a bit dead. We need more volunteers so I think Camo should make a video to tell people that this still exists or someone can get Bionicle's attention.
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• 2/21/2017

"Falling Apart" Discussion

Let's talk about the DI Revival episode "Falling Apart"
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• 2/15/2017

Welcome Guys!

After asking Wikia for this, they finally done it! They added Discussions to the wiki! Just note that the discussions feature lacks a highlighting system or wikitext, though Wikia is working on those. ;-)
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• 2/14/2017

Season 4

I sadly had season 4s whole story spoiled for me by bioniclesaurus so I will not be talking about season 4 sadly but I can assure you it'll be the best season yet
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• 2/2/2017

A note to all admins

We will no longer use infinite bans. Instead, when it comes to severe problems, we will use the 8,000 year ban. As you can see, the image at the right shows the list of block lengths, so to use the 8,000 year ban, just click on "until the year 9999".
But remember, use this feature SPARINGLY. Anyone abusing this feature will be demoted.
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• 1/21/2017

Using official artwork for dino pages

Anyways, I decided that we should use original artwork for the dinosaur pages. The reason why is because most of the images posted here are copyrighted, and we are at risk of getting a strike from the copyright owners.
However, we must first find an artist for the artworks. Who should we choose?

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Who shall make the official dino artworks?  Me!!! 1 TE Matt 0 BionicleSaurus 1 Some other random person 1 The poll was created at 13:57 on December 18, 2016, and so far 3 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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• 12/11/2016

The New Dinosaur Island Map!

Anyway this is an edited version of the original map, but with the new locations introduced in DI Revival added.
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• 12/5/2016
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• 10/30/2016

Dinosaur Island Season 4

No ones mentioned this yet :P
Anyway I've known about it for a year xD
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• 10/7/2016

Thoughts on episode one of season 2

Leave a comment down below
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• 9/29/2016


Found this book buried in my back yard.
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• 8/31/2016

Homunuculus wtf!

Google it. It's some russian guy trying to create a new lifeform using eggs and human dna.
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• 8/27/2016

What do you guys think about the last three episodes

Comment what you liked and disliked
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• 8/20/2016

Change to Character page formats

The new link is located Here, and will become the new format for all character pages. The change can be seen on Red-Sail's page.
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• 8/3/2016


I know dinosaurs are related to birds, but this is just too exagerated:
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