A New World is the first episode of Prehistoric Island


The episode starts out peaceful, with many sauropods grazing on the treetops, while the other herbivores graze. Theo and Todd are introduced, and graze along with the other herbivores. As Todd wanders around in curiosity, Malachite stalks him. Eventually, Malachite attacks the baby Triceratops. Todd tries to scare him off, but it fails, and Malachite closes towards Todd, until Theo comes and attacks Malachite, forcing the Tyrannosaurus to run.

Meanwhile, as Brachiosauruses eat the leaves of the trees in the forest, an Archaeopteryx called Archie lands on the branch of a tree. He finds a small lizard on the side of the tree, and he eats it. Then, the camera focuses to the deeper parts of the forest. In a nest, a group baby Diplodocus hatch out of their eggs, and the babies eat the nearest tree they could find. As the babies eat, a Monolophosaurus known as Mark appears out of the trees. After feeding, most of the babies but one leave the place, giving the Monolophosaurus a chance, and he successfully eats it.

As afternoon approaches, two Dilophosauruses known as Dylan and Daisy are searching for food. They find a group of Dryosaurus, and they close in. The episode ends at the night when many creatures go to sleep.



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