Another Day is the eighth episode of season one of Dinosaur Island. The episode follows various events in the lives of several dinosaurs and has little central story (hence the rather ambiguous episode name). The episode was uploaded on May 8, 2013 and runs 9 minutes and 12 seconds.


The episode opens with a large Stegosaurus herd soaking in the local watering hole. Soon an Amargasaurus Cazaui (a small sauropod) approaches to drink. But upon leaving the watering hole the Amargasaurus slips deep into a patch of thick mud. Unable to escape, its calls for help start to attract predators. The first carnivore to arrive at the scene is a Giganotosaurus Carolinii. The Giganotosaurus kills the Amargasaurus with ease. But soon another predator arrives: an Albertosaurus Sarcophagus. In an attempt to steal the carcass, the Albertosaurus gets thrust into the depths of the watering hole by the Giganotosaurus. With its puny arms, the Albertosaurus can't swim and soon is killed by Jasper the Deinosuchus. We then flash back to the Giganotosaurus, who is now hunting for more prey in the northern grasslands. He comes across a Plateosaurus struggling to break free from the branches of a fallen tree. The helpless Plateosaurus is easily brought down by the Giganotosaurus. We then change to The Rock Desert, where we see Onyx (a male Baryonyx Walkeri) wandering along. Onyx's left leg has been broken at the knee, an injury suffered in a fight with an adult Tyrannosaurus. Then, from a combination of exhaustion and his wounds, Onyx collapses. This scene is one of the most ridiculous of the series, for Onyx is returned to the series in the very next episode. There is no reasoning behind this besides the creator wanting to bring him back. In the end it was a good decision because of Onyx's popularity, but it's odd none the less. The episode closes with a scene of a large herd of Brachiosaurus returning to the north side of the island in their annual migration. The very last shot is of Bloodtooth the female Tyrannosaurus returning from what we thought to be death in episode five, Tremors. This scene remains one of the most epic returns of any character in the series.

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On August 31, 2017, a remastered version of this episode has been released. This remastered version remains the same, albeit with Onyx' 'death' scene removed and uncanonized.