Behemoth is a large male Brachiosaurus who appears in Dinosaur Island Revival.


Dinosaur Island Revival

Season 2


Behemoth appears over a hill, browsing at a high tree. He then rears up on his back legs, and he knocks down the tree, as to get at the leaves that have now fallen onto the ground. Despite his massive size, however, Behemoth is still growing, and as such continues to eat a massive amount of food. He then leaves the area to find more food.

He ends up at the edge of the Dark Woodland, where some trees have started to grow. Little does he know, he is being stalked by an Allosaurus, which then goes in for the attack. As the predator attacks, he trips over a rock, thus toppling the giant to the ground. Behemoth then watches as the Allosaurus approaches him, ready for his death. But before he is killed, the Allosaurus' attention is diverted away to Rocket, who was following Behemoth around for safety. The predator turns to Rocket, preparing to attack the young dinosaur. When suddenly, Behemoth gains his footing, and stomps the Allosaurus into the ground, saving the young dinosaurs life. Behemoth, in turn, looks down at Rocket, as he knows without his distraction, he would surely be dead. But the Allosaurus is not dead, and it begins to once again attack Behemoth. But the predator gets too close to Behemoth's tail, and the predator is sent flying by Behemoth's, which in turn knocks the Allosaurus into a tree.

Behemoth then walks off with Rocket as new acquaintances.