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    Ohh yes! Today on this issue of Dino Digest, we discover that there were creatures that are alive today that existed alongside dinosaurs. So, basically, we're living with prehistoric creatures that were BFF with dinosaurs. Let`s begin!

    1. Echidnas- These spiky anteaters were known to dwell on Earth way back in the Cenozoic Era. This is the time period where mammals were starting to become more popular as a species on the planet.
    2. Sharks- The oceanic predator that haunts your dreams was around when dinosaurs lived. I think that makes sharks even scarier. They outlived some of the most insane predators to ever roam the planet.
    3. Lancetfish- This predator is found in all oceans except for polar regions. A very voracious creature, it feeds on smaller f…
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    Ahh, finally! It`s here! Welcome to the eighth issue of Dino Digest. It`s been a long time since I posted blogs like this! So here are 5 theories that (may) explain their extinction!

    And BTW, things like these may be posted less or more because of my busy scedule.

    5. Their dumbness may result in giving them mental disorders
    There is evidence that many of the large dinosaurs, must have had very small brains in comparison to their total body size, possibly as small as a kitten's brain. With such small brain capacity responses to the surrounding environment would have been so slow that they could not compete with faster thinking animals that have evolved in the Cretaceous period.
    4. Increasing entropy
    Entropy is a measure of the disorder of the mo…
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    So let`s say something. Can we clone dinosaurs one day? And even keep them as a pet?

    Well spotted! Welcome to the latest Dino Digest blog about the future of dinosaurs! Now let`s get started.

    Can we Clone Dinosaurs?
    Well, obviously, there`s a chance that the answer is an absolute no. I mean, look at it. Everything we see in the Jurassic Park franchise involves scientifically inaccurate dinosaurs (er clones) so even if we can clone every extinct creature in this planet, we may never know.
    The Changing Information
    Sometimes everything we knew about dinosaurs was later proved wrong. Take the as an example. Only a few fossil fragments from this creature was discovered, making the paleontologists believe it was an aquatic reptile, until a more compl…
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    Those guys at Pixar. They never work it out....

    Anyways, have you watched "The Good Dinosaur" movie? Well, I hope you did. And in this issue, I will be pointing out the accuracies and inaccuracies of the movie!

    Point #1Reviewing the Dinosaurs
    Let`s all see the appearing dinos (in chronological order)
    • (Beginning screen only, plus, I nickname `em Parasaurs)
    • (I nickname `em Styracos)
    • (I nickname `em T. rexes)
    Hang on a minute. I see that the three pterasaurs mentioned above are not from the same time. While the Nyctosaurus and Caulkicephalus are from the late Cretaceous, the Ludodactylus is from the early Cretaceous! Heck, even the Velociraptors are the size of a Utahraptor (again). -_-

    Anyways, what do you say about this issue?

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    When you were a kid, you probably loved dinosaurs. But now that you`re big, this issue will gross you out. Yikes! Let`s get started!

    5.Dinosaur Poop is Quite Big
    Yikes! Talk about taking a 5 kilometer dump! In 1990, a giant dump was discovered, which is 2/3 of a gallon! Paleontologists are fairly certain that this sample was owned by a Tyrannosaurus, but it could have been bigger! (Plus, they never wipe!)
    4.Tyrannosaurus Snot is Usually Tons of Liters Huge!
    Seriously. Scientists who used 3-D imagery figured out the size of this king`s snot! They also calculated that their skulls are the same as the starting line up of the Detroit Pistons. But still, despite that, most of the skull is filled with sinus cavities that can fill up liters of snot.
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    Now we`re back!This time, we`re discussing about paleontological things. Here, we`ll talk about fossils. B Now, let`s get started!

    Basically, fossils are the record of life preserved in monuments of stone. Almost all living organisms can leave fossils, but usually only the hard parts of plants and animals fossilize. Soft internal organs, muscle, and skin rapidly decay and are rarely preserved, but the bones and shells of animals are good candidates for fossilization. Almost no fossil record exists for soft organisms such as jellyfish and worms.

    Fossils are formed in a number of different ways, but most are formed when a plant or animal dies in a watery environment and is buried in mud and silt. Soft tissues quickly decompose leaving the hard…

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    Now we`re back! I just got a new idea, and it is about the King of the Panthalassa ocean! So basically, all the oceans were once combined into a mega ocean called Panthalassa! But as Pangea broke up, so did the Panthalassa ocean. eventually they are now where they are today!

    So let`s just look at the candidates:

    • '. Wait, what? Giant sharks rule the sea? Yes! Megalodons were absolutely giant sharks! Bigger than the Great White! If it were in the ocean today, we`re comepletely' doomed.
    • '. OK the absolutely largest' fish in existence is this Leedsichthys. While the length is under a debate, it could most likely be 16 meters. Like other plankton-eating animals at that time, Leedsichthys was likely a migratory, nomadic creature, travelling around the…
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    Hey guys! BorgyDudeMan`s back for another Dino Digest issue on ! In this issue, I will smash your childhood memories from Jurassic Park.

    For those whose childhood has been ruined, I`m sorry. Get out if you don`t want this.

    • Dilophosaurus. Remember those so-called 'Spitters' or 'Dilos' you`ve heard off? Sorry to say, but on , they don`t do that. Rather than frilled venom spitters, they are around 6 meters long with no venom or frills at all!
    • Velociraptor. OK. The media is COMPLETELY WRONG. So so wrong. Why are these s the size of a Utahraptor? Why the heck do they resemble a ? Why not a dromeosaur the size of your pet dog and has feathers?
    • Troodon. By the time you`ve read this, you must be playing Telltale Games` "Jurassic Park:The Game", which depic…
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    Hello there guys and gals and in this new blog series I will post a new Dino Digest Blog every week (hopefully), which contains random dino stuff. And as the title says, CamoSaurus has revived the series! Now sit back, relax and enjoy the first episode of Dinosaur Island Revival!

    Do you like it anyways?

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