Christopher is a main predator in season 2 of Dinosaur Island Revival.

He is the son of Katy, from the original Dinosaur Island. 


Dinosaur Island Revival 

On the Move

Christopher is eyeing the weakest of Stoneback's herd. He dose not desire to go all the way around to get Buck. So he eyes Anne the second oldest of the herd behind Stoneback. He then silently sneaks up on the herd. He then attacks Anne however he can't inflict a good blow. Stoneback quickly reacts by smashing his tail club into Christopher's chest. The herd moves away into the brush. But Christopher is left on the ground to die. 


Christopher is still recovering and is doing a good job of keeping away scavengers. However, he gets in trouble when a full grown Alioramus finds him. Christopher now is fully occupied fighting his new foe.

A New Threat

Christopher finally gets the strength to get up and escape the Alioramus. He dose this by quickly attacking the Alioramus, killing (and later eating) it.


Christopher has fully recovered and is now becoming a successful hunter again. However he is unknowingly being stalked by 2 Smilodon and a Snowy Tiger. They all attack. Surprisingly, a unknow Carnotaurus appears to help the Concavenator. Both decide to become partners.

Falling Apart

Christopher and Crash hunt a herd of Pachycephalosaurs. They attack and they almost kill Cinder and Mallet. However, they use their hard skulls to defeat both carnivores.


The hunt continues and Christopher gets stuck in roots while a fire burns. He almost gets burnt but barely gets away in a nick of time. He and Crash separate.

Keep On Surviving

Christopher is trying to hunt a herd of herbivores. However,a Giganotosaurus know as Gray-fang strikes the herd first, killing a Edmontonia before Christopher has a chance to attack. Christopher tries to scavenge, but the gigantic carnivore scares him off.

A New King

Christopher wants to find the owner of a territory so he can take it for himself, and turns out to be a adult Ceratosarus. He wins the fight by knocking out the Ceratosaurus, and now has the territory.


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  • DIR SE2 EP2
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  • Christopher is the same model as his mother Katy (Carnegie Concavenator)
  • Katy never appears alongside Christopher.