Cleo is female Ceratosaurus who is almost always seen with her mate Rouge.


5 Long Years

Rouge and Cleo try to hunt the Ceratopsian herd. However the herd quickly spots them and gets into there defensive positions. This quickly forces Rouge and Cleo to walk off and find food somewhere else.


Rouge and Cleo again try to hunt another herd. This time it's the hadrosaur herd. Iggy decides to wonder off. This is the opportunity for them to strike and they do. They knock Iggy to the ground. However Buck charges them away. Then they come back and attack Iggy again. Buck can only watch now. Luckily for Iggy he is able to fight off Rouge and Cleo. Rouge and Cleo then walk off with no kill.

The End of an Era

Rouge and Cleo are again off hunting when they find another herd. This time they are able to single out a Miragaia who has decided to eat alone. Rouge decides to hunt the Miragaia by himself and makes Cleo wait behind. Rouge then strikes quickly killing the Miragaia with a bite to the neck. Rouge then digs in. Cleo waits patiently for her turn to eat. However a Barapasaurus comes around and dose a threat display. Scaring away Rouge and Cleo. the Barapasaurus then leaves and Rouge and Cleo return to eating.

Here Lies the Scavengers

Rouge and Cleo both surprise attack the Barapasaurus. They both mange to bring it down. However the other members of the Barapasaurus's herd try to avenge it. Through the battle the Minmi attacks Cleo but then fleas. They are able to knock down Para. However Freddy is much tougher to defeat. In the end Rouge and Cleo almost defeat Freddy but Iggy comes to the rescue knocking out Rouge and Cleo. The herd then leaves. Rouge and Cleo wake up an hour later and continue to feast on the Barapasaurus.

Ice Cold

Rouge and Cleo are quickly seen in a montage at the end of the episode


  • DIR S3 EP1
  • DIR S3 EP3
  • DIR S3 EP7
  • DIR S3 EP8
  • DIR S3 EP12
  • DIR S3 EP13