Danger is the 9th episode of season 2 of Dinosaur Island. It was uploaded on February 27th 2014 and runs for 9 minutes 9 seconds.


It starts out with Mark,and Salty walking along side a Maiasaura. Then out of nowhere Silas attacks and bites the Maiasaura on the neck. Killing it. Delta and Dongi then appear and they feast on the Maiasaurua caracas together.

Later the Spinosaurus tries to hunt Mike the Microraptor. To no success. Mike is able to hop from tree to tree. Making it impossible to for the Spinosaurus to catch him. Later Red-Sail is woken up by Sunny, who wants to eat him. However Red-Sail cries for help. The Spinosaurus charges to the rescue. The Spinosaurus bites Sunny on the tail and Sunny runs away.

Lastly Spike wonders away from the safety of his family. She first has a stroke from death when she obliviously avoids Jaspers attack. Jasper quickly heads back to the water after this failed attempt. However She is not as lucky the second time. She pays the price for leaving the safety of her family when she runs into Sticks. Who attacks, he is followed by Fred, and Jackie as they attack and start eating Spike alive. However Strack charges at them

Appearing Characters