Death on the Island is the sixth episode of season one of Dinosaur Island. The episode centers around the death of several dinosaurs (a rather dark theme considering where the series was at at the time). The episode was uploaded on May 2, 2013 and runs 11 minutes, 35 seconds.


 The episode opens with a Plateosaurus Trossingensis drinking at the northern watering hole. But it is soon scared off by a much larger Sauropodomorph: a Brachiosaurus Altithorax. We then move to a scene of two male Triceratops practice-dueling. After the fight concludes, the victor wanders off towards the edge of the forest. But when he arrives, he is met by a Tyrannosaurus, in fact Bloodtooth's son, who is now almost his full size. After he brings down the Triceratops, we flash back to the Brachiosaurus, who is now walking back towards a patch of woodlands. Then, from what we assume to be old age, the titan collapses. The next shot depicts a pair of small unidentified scavengers feeding on the Brachiosaurus. The next scene returns us back to the watering hole and shows a Parasaurolophus being attacked and killed by Jasper, the male Deinosuchus. We then quickly change back to Bloodtooth's son, who is now sleeping under the canopy of the northern jungle. But in his sleep he is unaware that Onyx, the male Baryonyx, is approaching in hopes of a meal. Driven to desperation for reasons unknown, Onyx lunges at the sleeping Tyrannosaurus and rips out his heart in a swift and violent motion. The episode concludes in the rock desert, where we see Dimey the Dimetrodon stalking an Euoplocephalus. He strikes, but his attacks are not effective. And sadly Dimey does not survive this encounter. The last shot of the episode is a clip of narration explaining how the fatality of the dinosaurs in the episode is caused by the impending winter. This is of course a precursor to episode seven Storm.

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 The scene where Onyx kills the male Tyrannosaurus in his sleep caused quite a lot of controversy, mainly because most found the idea of a Baryonyx killing a large Tyrannosaur to bevery preposterous. BionicleSaurus: "Even I have to admit that in retrospect the way Onyx killed Bloodtooth's son was rather ridiculous."