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Questions frequently asked by our editors or essential stuff about the wiki are answered here. Do note that the questions are displayed by topic. If your question is not here, ask an admin.


Why is an article not in this wiki?

Just wait! We`ll add it sooner or later. You may also create the article if no one bothers to create it.


How do I delete categories?

You need to go to the source editor, which is illustrated here. At the right you may find a section called categories. Go there and edit the categories.

Sometimes, a category may be at the bottom of the page as:
[[Category:(Insert Name Here)]]
To get rid of that, just remove it.


How do I edit a template?

On the URL box, type after the /wiki/ Template:X. Then replace the X with the template's name. Remember, source mode is only available while editing the template. Also, on the URL bar, if the template's name has a space, use an underscore "_".

How do I insert infoboxes?

The following infoboxes` page already have a tutorial to do so. Remember, they only work in source editor.

{{Infobox dinosaur}}
{{Infobox episode}}
{{Infobox character}}
{{Infobox place}}

How do I place pictures in an infobox?

Assuming that you are using the VisualEditor, you must click on the infobox and search for a variable called "image". Place the name of the image and the file type on the image variable. Remember, do not insert the photo like this:

nor this:
Rather, use this:

Another thing to note is that you can only add images from Special:Images, which is a repository for all images on this site. To add an image there, click on the "Add a Photo" button, and upload the image from your computer.