Dylan is a male Dilophosaurus who appears in Prehistoric Island.


Prehistoric Island

Season 1

A New World

Dylan and Daisy are seen stalking a group of Dryosaurus. It is unknown if they succeeded or not.


Dylan, and his sister Daisy are at the plains, playing with each other. Dylan and his sister spot a large Therizinosaurus, which in their young lives have never seen before. And they know better than to stick around. Nearby a huge herd of herbivores is spread out across the plains, with Dylan and his sister running past them. However, they have no idea that their running into a trap set up by two teenage Allosaurus. The heard starts to retreat, with Dylan and Daisy caught in the middle. But, their situation has just worsened. As nearby, the adult Allosaurus' wait for the the heard to pass. Luckily, Dylan and his sister avoid them. Dylan continues to run, with his only hope being to run for the trees, if they can escape. His sister makes a break for it, running under a huge Brachiosaurus. As the herd passes by however, Dylan passes along with it, being separated from his sister for the first time in his life. Later on in the day, Dylan and his sister manage to reunite. They greet each other. A large, unknown cut on his leg is noticeable to his sister, but in time, it will heal. As the two of them run off to play once again. But a change is in the air. The dry season, is coming.

The Dry Season

Dylan unfortunately succumbed to the infection on his leg, with his sister staying nearby his corpse. However, she leaves, as she must find food herself. Otherwise she will starve. Dylan's body is then scavenged upon by nearby scavengers.


  • PI SE1 EP1
  • PI SE1 EP4
  • PI SE1 EP5