Finale was the 13th and last episode of Season 1 of Dinosaur Island. It was uploaded on June 14, 2013 and runs 19 minutes and 16 seconds.


The episode starts out with the Baryonyx family near a newly formed stream, getting ready to hunt. There, Onyx kills a small plesiosaur and he and his family proceed to eat the corpse. It was untill Onyx and Saurina find out that their baby has disappeared, wanting to hunt like what his father did. Onyx eventually drags the baby back to their site of the hunt, eating up their food.

Meanwhile, at the lake, the Stegosaurus herd are seen hanging out in the water. One of the members, which happens to be a baby, has been in water for the first time, and is curious. But unkown to them, in the lake is the Kronosaurus from the last episode, sneaking upon to them. Since the water was too clear, it covers the surface with mud to appear invisible. And after the herd lost a member once again, they ran of to safety.

At the plains, a Diplodicus and Apatosaurus are seen with their own babies. The Diplodicus move away, while the two Apatosaurus start eating the grass. While the mother Apatosaurus was eating, is was oblivious to the fact that it`s baby was out of sight. The poor baby eventually gets stalked and eaten by the Megaraptor pack. But while feeding, the Tarbosaurus kicks them off and eats their meal. One of the Megaraptors slowly gets up, and attacks the Tarbosaurus to take back it`s meal. Unfortunately, it was shook off and the Megaraptor rises and returns to fight. It`s mate was surprised to see her be this brave. Sadly, the Tarbosaurus wins the fight and proceeds to eat her, then the mate.

Over by the river, the Brachiosaurus herd keeps moving, except for the two alphas. There, they start to mate, and yet another (maybe controversial) mating scene happens. Eventually, the episode ends.

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  • This episode has been viewed by far the most out of all the episodes in the Dinosaur Island Series. And as of August 2018, the episode has amassed a staggering 3,530,460 views, nearly twice as many as the 2nd most viewed episode, being Water Works.
    • The Episode also has the most dislikes of any Dinosaur Island video. with 1.1 thousand dislikes..