Forest is the biggest son of Malachite in Prehistoric Island.


Season 2

New Life

Forest is seen playing with Belle and Junior very quickly before Junior wonders off. But Forest and Belle keep on playing.

Season 3

The Pack Mentality

Malachite and his family have moved back to there old hunting ground. As well there babies have grown up and matured. Forest is the biggest of the 3 at 11 meters long. However he has to deal with a droop in his tail which makes him slower then the others. He suffered this during a play fight which became deadly. They left there hunting ground to take care of there young. Now that they are all mature enough they have returned to there old hunting ground. They then decide to hunt together and choose a apatosaurus as there target. Annabelle tells Junior to stay put. He is still to young to hunt with the pack. Belle and Annabelle distract the apatosaurus. Malachite and Forest then attack. Eventually Annabelle and Belle also join and pin the Apatosaurus to the ground. They then all begin to eat. Junior also joins the feast.


Todd's panicked herd runs towards Malachite. Luckily the herds numbers deter Malachite. Eventually Malachite and his family are forced to try and get to high ground. Brute and the baby Carnotaurus's follow Malachite. Pisces also follows.

A New Threat

A new threat has arrived on the Island. It is a Rouge Male. He is drawn to the scent of Tyrannosaurus in heat. However it leads to Malachites pack. Annabelle was in heat. They all roar at him. But the Rouge Male refuses to leave still wanting Annabelle. He charges at Malachite. The two exchange blows but The Rouge Male's superior size means he easily overpowers Malachite. He then bites Malachite's skull. Forest tries to stop The Rouge Male but he gets knocked over. The Rouge Male then quickly bites Forest on the neck killing him. Malachite charges again trying to save his son. He again easily knocks over Malachite and quickly bites Malachite. Horrible scaring him and tearing out his eye. The fight is over and Malachite has lost. The Rouge Male turns his attention to Annabelle. If The Rouge Male is to mate with Annabelle then he needs to kill all of Malachites kids. He starts by eating Forest. He now has Malachite's territory.


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