Giganotosaurus is a large carnivore which roamed Argentina in the early Cretaceous period. It is also one of the few carnivores to be larger than Tyrannosaurus rex. On the island, these are one of the three apex predators on the island, the others being Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.


Giganotosaurus is a very large predator, and could of had feathers. It had longer arms than predators like Tyrannosaurus, and they would be useful in battle. Some scientists say that this killer even hunted in packs!


Dinosaur Island

Giganotosaurus was mainly spotted on the North side of Dinosaur Island. Read the list of unarmed characters for more info.

Dinosaur Island Revival

A Giganotosaurus made a minor appearance in Dinosaur Island Revival, where it was seen attacking Saber and his son, Matthew.



Known Giganotosauruses



  • Giganotosaurus is closely related to Carcharodontosaurus and Allosaurus.