Gory Battles is the tenth episode of Season One of Dinosaur Island. It runs 16 minutes and 1 second, and was posted on May 20th 2013.


The episodes opens near the northern jungle in the surrounding scrubland. The first animal to appear, is a Megaraptor namunhuaiquii, which is stated to use this area as it's primary hunting ground, and to be smaller than it's Cretaceous ancestors. The Megaraptor begins to stalk a juvenile Tarbosaurus bataar. But upon attacking it, it's cries for help attract its mother. The mother Tarbosaurus easily kills the rather unlucky Megaraptor.

Meanwhile at northern lake, the Stegosaurus herd is seen soaking. The alpha male leaves the water in search of food, but un wittingly walks right into a large build up of mud, which he can not escape. His bellows for help go unanswered by his herd, but they are noticed by a near by predator, Bloodtooth the female Tyrannosaurus, she did survive her fall down the cliff. But before she can reach the Stegosaurus, a Giganotosaurus carolinii attacks. Bloodtooth is wounded, but in the end she is able to win the fight.

After, we find are selves deep in the northern jungle, where we see Onyx and Saurina have nested. Saurina has been gravid for some time, at it appears that she is about to lay. After a bit of struggling, she manages to lay a sizable clutch of eggs. But a marauding Oviraptor attempts to steal them. Saurina is easily able to scare off the Oviraptor, but at the cost of one of her eggs.

Back at Stegosaurus lake Bloodtooth is still feasting on the Giganotosaurus carcass, and luckily the male Stegosaurus has managed to free himself from the mud. but all the animals near the lake begin to grow nervous, as a distant rumble draws closer. It is the Brachiosaurus herd, on their seasonal migration, crushing a young Stegosaurus in the process.


This is one of the only innacurate episodes in the entire series, as the Megaraptor namunhuaiquii is stated to be a Dromaeosaurid. when in reality, it was likely a misidentified Utahraptor ostrommaysorum ,or Achillobator giganticus.