Graves is the 11th episode of season 2 of Dinosaur Island. It was uploaded on March 13th 2014 and runs for 12 minutes 58 seconds.


All the Major herbovores are all grouped together. This attracts many preditors. Including Silas and the two Deltadromeus. they decide to stalk Bertha the Kentrosaurus.Silas tries to chase Bertha towards the Deltadromeus and they attack her. They successfully bite through the jugular, killing her.

Spiney and Uno have a rematch to break their tie from the first episode. Spiney starts off by biting Uno`s chest, while Uno retaliates by stabbing Spiney`s chest, severely hurting him in the process. Uno later pushes him off into a cliff, but fell off also in the process.

After getting up, Uno and Spiney duel again, but pauses when Strack comes in an attempt to help his father. As Strack charges, Spiney throws him off, but in anger he stabs Spiney again. After Uno saves his son and his family, Spiney tries to bite his tail, only for Jasper to pop up from a nearby river and bite Spiney. Ending his Life

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