"Haven't we been here before?" is the first episode of season 2. It runs 9 minutes and eleven seconds.


Very little change occurred since the last episode of Season 1. Onyx and Saurina`s baby Baryonyx has fully grown. The Stegosaur herd is doing really good. Bloodtooth still terrorizes the island.

Later on, the camera switches to the scene where the Brachiosaurus herd migrated during the events of the episode "Snowing". The area was very hot, barren, and very dry, and is ruled by a very different group of dinosaurs, one of them being Silas, a Dilophosaurus.

Silas is stalking a Kentrosaurus, who is unaware of Silas behind her. Unfortunately, Silas looses the element of surprise as the Kentrosaurus sees him. Quickly it runs away before Silas could even have a bite. Instead of going after it, Silas decides to find another prey. Soon after, the Kentrosaurus` name is revealed, being Bertha.

The camera later switches to another side of the island. Mike is introduced to the series, and is seen going up a tree. Finding his desired spot, Mike digs up a tree bark using his talons to search for some grub. He eventually sticks his mouth into the hole, and pulls out an insect, which he eats soon after. He later spreads out his 'wings' and glides to another tree.

At the plains, Salty and Mark, who are both Saltosauruses, the Styracosaurus family, which consists of Uno, Strack, and Maggy, and a herd of Iguanadons consisting of Don, Ian, and One-arm are introduced. Despite the place being so peaceful, Silas appears again, waiting for the perfect time to attack. And along with are Sunny the Oviraptor, Jackie, Sticks and Fred, a pack of Velociraptors, and two Deltadromeus named Delta and Dongi, are waiting to attack along with Silas. And the most powerful of them all, Spiney, comes by.

Spiney comes in front of Uno. Uno decides to protect his family with his might. He goes for a headbutt, while the Spinosaurus bites Uno's neck, injuring him. But he doesn`t give up, and with one powerful headbutt using his horn, Spiney`s arm is injured. But Spiney strikes back by taking a piece of flesh from his skin, exposing his ribs and gives him internal bleeding. They both end up with critical injuries, ending the battle as a draw.

Meanwhile, Silas is still searching for food. He was almost about to give up when he sees a dried up riverbed. Silas checks to see if there are any dead fish, and finds a dead lungfish, which he later eats and the episode ends there

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