Jane is the youngest daughter of Bloodtooth and the only T rex alive that appears on Dinosaur Island at the end of season 4.


One Little Victory

She is first seen chasing off a Archeopterix. Then out of nowhere a Acrocanthasaurus appears. Jane makes a mad dash to her parents Bloodtooth and Owen who fight and kill the Acrocanthasaurus.

Farewell to the Kings

Fang and Caroline battle Bloodtooth and Owen and unfortunitly for Jane Bloodtooth and Owen are both killed. Luckily she stays hidden and escapes.

We Hold On

Jane is moving as far away as possible from her home to avoid Fang and Caroline. Then she hears a Triceratops and hides. Not because it will eat her. But because the Triceratops will trie to get rid of something that could harm it in the future. In the end Jane is able to stay hidden from the Triceratops.

Losing It

Jane is struggling to find food and is beginning to starve as she has not eaten in weeks.  


Jane (close to death) Jane finally finds a dead Stegosaurus her first meal in weeks. However a dead dinosaur is a magnet for predators as a Baryonyx arrives and tries to eat Jane. Again she is saved, this time it's by her half brother Nigel. They then decide to stay by each others side and feast together on the dead Baryonyx.

Turn the Page

Jane is now a healthy young Tyrannosaur. She then runs around letting Nigel chase her. Nigel worries whenever she dose that. But Jane runs into two Allosaurus. Nigel stands up for Jane and fight the two Allosaurus.

Nigel charges in and attacks one Allosaurus while one Allosaurus bites Nigel on the back of the head. Eventually both Allosaurus begin attacking Nigel. But he breaks free from the attack and bites one of the Allosaurus's. But the Allosaurus breaks free and bites Nigel's leg. The two Allosaurus begin to pin Nigel to the ground biting his face. Jane can only watch in horror. But finally Nigel breaks free. Knocking both to the ground. One of the Allosaurus's gets the wind knocked out of him and Nigel finishes him off by grabbing his head and smashing it against a rock multiple times. The other Allosaurus retreats not wanting the same fait.

In The End

Jane and Nigel are seen at the end of the episode. On Mount Evolution. about to face off against, Fang and Caroline.

Jacob's Ladder

Jane and Nigel face off against, Fang and Caroline in a  battle to the death. Although Fang and Caroline start with the upper hand and kill even Nigel, Jane comes back, by  biting  Caroline and smashes her into a bunch of rocks. She then Pushes  Fang back and off Mount Evolution. Officially Getting revenge on the 2 Charchardontasaurus's who killed her parents.


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  • Jane is named after Jane the nickname for a T-rex skeleton found in Ekalaka Montana