Katy is a large female Concavenator. She is one of the characters to survive until the end of season 3.


A New Beginning

Katy attempts to attack Corytha. However Para comes in to try and save the day. Katy retaliates by pushes Para off the cliff. the Hadrosaurs make a mad dash for it and escape. Later Katy then tries to hunt something else. She finds a Sinraptor. The same Sinraptor who tried to eat Red-Sail. However Red-Sail did not die. Red-Sail bites the Sinraptor on the neck. The Sinraptor quickly dies. Katy dose not wish to fight Red-Sail.

Northern Drought

Katy is seen walking in a desert. She then runs into a Monolophasaurus although they seem about the fight they decide not to fight and go there separate ways.

The Height of the Dry Season

Katy digs a nest. However she runs into the same Monolophasaurus who is keen and wanting to hunt her because she is nest bound. Katy roars him off for now. She later completes the nest and lays her eggs. The Monolophasaurus comes back and breaks her ankle. Leaving her in a bad spot.

Arrival of the Wet Season

The rains come and Katy gets her first drink in months. As well the Monolophasaurus eats all of her eggs. However on the bright side Katy's ankle heals. Then suddenly the Monolophasaurus tries to kill Katy but Katy bounces back and kills the Monolophasaurus and proceeds to eat it.

The Great Battle

Katy is seen quickly grabbing a drink from the Northern Watering Hole.

A Farewell

Katy makes a small cameo as she unintentionally roars at the camera.


Dinosaur Island

  • DI SE3 EP1
  • DI SE3 EP4
  • DI SE3 EP5
  • DI SE3 EP7
  • DI SE3 EP12
  • DI SE3 EP13


  • Katy's mate and hatchlings where never actually seen before.
  • It is revealed in Dinosaur Island Revival that Katy has a child called Christopher.

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