Lost is the sixth episode of the third season of Dinosaur island. It was uploaded on May 15 2015 and runs for 16 minutes and 55 seconds.


The T-Rex family is missing Nigel ever since the pack and Nigel have become separated. The one missing him the most is Rex. Because everyone else picks on him. Except for Nigel now Nigel's gone. Rex has lost his nephew and his best friend.

Speaking of Nigel. He is seen stalking a Triceratops, unknowingly stalking the same one as Blizzerd. Blizzard then decides that it is time to attack. He charges in at the animal, and he manages to get a firm hold on the Triceratops neck, and he easily manages to kill it. Blizzard then starts to eat his kill. Stealing Nigel's food.

On the other side of the island we see Para. Who is still making his migration. As well the Allosaurus is still stalking Para. The Allosaurus then finally strikes. Para runs for his life with the Allosaurus hot on his tail. Luckily for Para he runs into Stoneback a ankylosaurus. who kills the Allosaurus by hitting it off a cliff with his club tail. After this Para and Stoneback decide to migrate with each other.

4 hours later it is night time. We return to Nigel who is still desperate for food. He finds a very small Coelophysis. Despite being such a meagre source of food. Nigel attacks the Coelophysis. He kills it and eats it in one gulp. Right after that he runs into Blizzard again. Again he decides to go without a fight and leaves to the eastern grasslands. There he finds a Brachiosaurus. But he also finds Razor and Violet who decide to hunt the Brachiosaurus. Violet first attacks the Brachiosaurus on the neck. Then Razor attacks as well. They then both hop off and wait for the Brachiosaurus to collapse. After that they eat as much as they want. They even bringing Switchblade along for the feast. They then leave and other dinosaurs to eat the rest of the dead Brachiosaurus. The first of these is Blizzard. Next up it's Nigel who is incredibly hungry. He quickly digs in. But the Carnotaurus are also here and they want some of the carcass. The episode ends on a cliff hanger with Nigel is ready to fight the Carnotauruses.

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