Mac is a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex that appears in Dinosaur Island Revival.


Dinosaur Island Revival

Season 1


Mac accompanies the lost Matthew, who he has remained with in order to have a companion. Mac then finds the ancient temple. Mac then plays hide and seek with Mathew. However there game is interrupted by a Hatzegopteryx. Mathew plays dead to avoid the Hatzegopteryx targeting him. However this leaves Hatzegopteryx focused on hunting Mac.

Mac tries and fails to scare the Hatzegopteryx off. the Hatzegopteryx attacks and kills Mac. Decapatating him. Then cutting his body in half. later the Hatzegopteryx attacks Matthew. But is killed in the process. Later another Pterasaur. A Anhanguera swoops in and eat Mac's head. It then proceeds to feast on the rest of Macs corpse.

Lastly Blizzard and the Scavengers arrive and decide to kill the Anhanguera. they then feast on Macs dead body.


Dinosaur Island Revival

  • DIR SE1 EP7

Character and Personality

Mac is incredibly adventurous and playful. He loves to explore. However this ended up in his death when he went to explore the ancient temple and gets killed by a Hatzegopteryx.



(Mac has no known family)



Despite their short time together, and the fact that they were not blood-related, Mac and Matthew treated each other like brothers with both of them getting along so well to the point that they would play games, and having great fun whilst doing so.

Community Perspective

Despite Mac's short time in the show, his interactions with Matthew, and his tragic death made him a character that was well remembered in the community despite his short time on the show.



  • Mac is one of few characters who makes their dubut in an episode, only to be killed off by the end of the same episode.
  • Mac is one of few Tyrannosaurus' who has appeared on the show to have no relation to the Bloodtooth family tree.
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