Mark is a five meter long Monolophosaurus from Prehistoric Island.


A New World

Mark finds a group of baby Diplodocus. He stalks and eventually strikes. He kills on baby Diplodocus and then quickly eats it.

One is the loneliest Number

Mark is still hungry after eating the baby Diplodocus. So he decides to try something else to eat. He finds a Gryposaurus but before he can make a move. He smells something else. It 's a dead Stegosaurus. He decides to eat that instead. However a family of Allosaurus come in to steel the carcass from Mark. Due to there being four Allosaurs Mark is forced to leave.

Mark is now incredibly hungry. He then finds another suitable prey item. A Olorotitan that is alone and with no herd. He strikes and gets a quick neck bite. this kills the Olorotitan, he then quickly gorges on his kill.

The Dry Season

Mark finds another dead Stegosaurus. However a huge group of Dimetrodon are here to steel it from him. One bite from one Dimetrodon and the overwhelming numbers again scare Mark off.

Old and New Part 2

Mark finds a kill made by Daisy. He begins to eat when Daisy wakes up. She then attacks Mark and scares him away from the kill

New Life

Mark is seen at the end of the episode watching a group of Carnotaurus's eat.


Mark is drinking from a watering hole. When a family of Carnotaurus chase him away from the watering hole.

A Kings End

Mark finds a place to sleep. However he dies in his sleep. So scavengers begin to eat his dead corpse.


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