Mars is a female Lythronax from Dinosaur Island Season 4 


Dinosaur Island Season 4

The Wreckers

In her debut appearances we learn that she has a bit of territory in the Northern Forest. However she is having trouble hunting because her territory is invaded by a bunch of Stegosaurs. Despite this she successfully hunts and kills one

Available Light

It is now revealed that the Stegosaurus are grouping up. Making it to tough of a task for Mars to get rid of them. She also runs into William who she decides to chase off. As well Fang and Caroline become interested in taking Mars's territory.


Fang and Caroline have been overhunting for days. So they begin to spread there territory. This means they are encroaching on Mars's territory.  Taking away her potential prey. Mars can't take another problem in her life so she bites one of the sister's leg. Driving them away

Distant Early Warning

Mars who is on the hunt. She sniffs the air for prey. She sniffs out a Psitacosaurus. A easy target for someone like Mars. She slowly creeps up on the Psitacosaurus. She then strikes biting down on the Psitacosaurus. But unknown to her a Metriacanthosaurus was also hunting the Psitacosaurus and attacks at the same time. The Psitacosaurus is dead and the Metriacanthosaurus retreats from the Psitacosaurus. Mars is now ready to try and get rid of the Stegosaurs.

Turn the Page

Mars is still having trouble dealing with the Stegosaurus. Still she again tries to hunt them even with a herd of them around. Unfortunately the Metriacanthosaurus returns and spooks the herd. Mars becomes to focused on the Metriacanthosaurus to realize the Stegosaurus stampeding towards her and she gets trampled. She is fattily injured and the Metriacanthosaurus takes advantage and kills her and then eats her.


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