New home, old enemies is the fourth episode of Dinosaur Island Season 2. It runs for 13 minutes and 1 second long.


After the migration in the last episode, the caravan rests at their new feeding area. As this happens, Uno and Maggy`s egg is about to hatch. They wait for a while, until they hear small cries from the egg. Seeing this as a sign that the egg will hatch, Uno and Strack back off, while Maggy pecks at the egg to help it hatch. After a while, the egg hatches in a new life enters the world. The baby, named Spike, starts to imprint on Maggy, while other predators start to look at the baby, wanting to eat it.

In the nearby grass, Silas is waiting for Spike`s parents to get further away so that he can eat her. Unfortunately, Maggy spots the predator and scares him off, overlooking the fact that Silas, along with the other predators, have followed them during their migration.

Meanwhile, many of the herbivores are starting to enjoy their new home, especially Bertha. As they eat, Don is stalked by Spiney, who also followed the caravan. As Spiney tries to attack Don, Silas comes to interrupt, who has also been stalking Don. Angered by this, Spiney chases him into the bushes, but Silas ends up hiding, forcing Spiney to walk away.

At a tree, Mike has somehow glided his way to where the other herbivores are at. He, once again, glides from tree to tree.

While for Silas, after his failed attempt to kill off Don, he comes across a nest filled with eggs. He starts to break into one, and eats the undeveloped embryo.

For Dongi, he spots a Pteranadon at a cliff, and chooses it as his prey. He climbs up the cliff, startling the Pteranadon. However, Dongi jumps onto the Pteranadon, knocks it into the ground, and kills it. Dongi brings the corpse to his nest, where his mate Delta is waiting, and they eat it together.



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