Old Friends is the first episode of Dinosaur Island Revival. It was originally released on January 27, 2016; and ran 10 minutes and 18 seconds. 2 years later on April 21, 2018; a remastered version was released, being shortened to 9 minutes and 48 seconds.


50 years after the third season of Dinosaur Island, out of some agreement between 2 friends, the series was made yay. Then this was uploaded.

It starts off with a Hesperornis in The Dark Woodland chilling around until out of nowhere Blizzard (who is now very old) appears to eat it. Then he finds a Pachycephalosaurus, but soon Red-Sail (who is also very old) kills it. He gets pissed and tries to get him away from his prey, but Red-Sail scares him away, letting him eat the Pachycephalosaurus alive.

Somewhere else, a nest full of Brachiosauruses hatch. One of them is Rocket, who finds a skeleton of another hatchling. His brother catches up to him to look at the corpse, and they discover that reality is pretty much ugly.

They turn around to find another baby Brachiosaurus get attacked by an Anhanguera. As Rocket watches, he regrets hatching out of his egg a Hatzegopteryx flies down to kill his brother, but fortunately for him he hides in a bush. But then a Pteranadon catches him and carries him until a Quetzacolactlus kills the Pteranadon, indirectly letting Rocket run away.

The remastered version pretty much has the same plot as the original, but with some alterations:

  • A Guanlong stalks the Hesperornis, only for Blizzard to kill and eat the Guanlong
  • Red-Sail scares him off after Blizzard kills the Guanlong
  • A Tyrannosaurus pops out of nowhere to eat on the Guanlong, but Red-Sail kills it
  • The nesting site for the Brachiosauruses in the original episode has been altered; now, it is a nesting site for various sauropods that just recently got raided by pterasaurs
  • A baby Alamosaurus tries to defend the nesting site, but he's too frail
  • Rocket and his brother run away from the site while attempting to avoid the pterasaurs. While Rocket's brother gets killed by a Quetzacolactlus, Rocket survives

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  • The original Old friends episode is now no longer canon to the Dinosaur Island Revival canon. But the Remastered version is.