Old and New is a 2 part opening episode of Prehistoric Island season 2. the first episode was uploaded on February 25th 2016 and the second episode was uploaded 4 days later on February 29th 2016. the two episodes run for a total of 15 minutes 4 seconds


Part 1

it starts off with a Nothronychus being chased by a Brute the Carnotaurus. He corners it and then brings it down. Brute begins to eat. His sister Speedy then joins. Then Brutes father Carnage, and lastly Brute's youngest sisters Blue. Carnage eats first. Everyone else has to wait.

Later we then see Stewie a spinosaurus pulling a freshly killed Mosasaur to his nest. Where he is accompanied by his mate Nefertiti and his father Senior. They then all feast on there Mosasaur.

Lastly we see a herd of three different sauropods. All three were separated at birth and only have each other for protection. they are,Nigel the Nigersaurus, Alex the Amargasaurus, and Sam the Saltasaurus As well Todd who is now It is revealed to have grown up a lot. Now being a 7 meter long sub adult. accompanies them. It ends with Malachite scaring off all the Sauropods. But Todd stands his ground The episode then ends on a cliff hanger.

Part 2

Part 2 starts where part 1 left off with Todd and Malachite preparing to fight. Malachite then begins the attack, knocking Todd to the ground. He attempts to bite down on his neck, but Todd manages to break free. He has once again failed to bring Todd down, and he retreats back into the forest. Alice watches from a distance and then leaves.

Later we then see Daisy who is now fully grown. She is resting after she ate a kill. However Mark finds the kill. He then begins to eat it. But Daisy wakes up while he is eating. She then attacks Mark and scares him away from the kill.

Lastly we again see Malachite. After his failed hunt, he has successfully managed to bring down a young Stegosaurus, and he feasts ravenously. But he is unaware, that he is being watched. is then knocked to the ground by Slayer, then uses all of his strength to shake off his assailant. But he freezes, as this particular Slayer is still the one who killed his family. Still traumatized by that event, he backs down.

Appearing Characters

Part 1

Part 2