Ollie is a Olloratitan from Para's herd that appeared in Dinosaur Island Revival.



Ollie and Para join Cindy and Nicks herd

5 longs years

Ollie is seen alongside the rest of the herd along with the new members. Like Iggie, and Buck.


Ollie is walking with the herd in order to find Buck's family. However, Cindy gets tired and Ollie runs up to Para telling him to let Cindy and the rest of the herd rest. Everyone is one board except for Buck.


Ollie and the rest of the herd are attack by Red-Sail and his family. Red-Sail knocks over Ollie and Nick over. Ollie later gets up however Red-Sail locks on to him and chases after him. He catches up to Ollie and kills him.


  • DIR SE2 EP12
  • DIR SE3 EP1
  • DIR SE3 EP3
  • DIR SE3 EP4