One-arm is a female Iguanodon who appeared in Dinosaur Island Season 2.


Dinosaur Island

Season 2

Haven't We been Here Before?

She first appears in episode 1, with her name being something she earned very recently, as she lost her arm. She is still having flashbacks from the incident. She was attacked by a Spinosaurs (presumably Spiney) which managed to tear off her right arm, however by some miracle she managed to escape. One-arm may be distressed, but she must not dwell on this. She continues with her grazing.

A Bad Meeting

One-Arm is briefly seen in a arial shot that will preview the next episode.

I Hate long Walks

While the animals migrate, one animal is starting to lag behind, and that animal is One-arm. Her severe injury is starting to wear on her, and her survival is at serious stake. The chances of her living, are not very good ones. However she continues to press on, despite being at the very back of the heard. She and the rest of the herd find a river bed, but it is dried up, meaning they have to press on. One-arm is starting to become more steady in her posture, despite how hard it is. Then all of a sudden, an earthquake begins. The tremors are starting to hit this area, and this could spell disaster for the Dinosaurs. The cliff near the Dinosaurs begins to erode with every shake, and One-arm and the rest of the herd are very close. The herd keeps trying to move away from the cliff, unable to hear Ians distress calls. However, One-arm hears Ians distress calls, and answers them. She moves over to the edge of the cliff, where Ian is almost going to fall. Slowly she moves over towards him, and their fingers lock. She begins to pull, and right as she begins to pull him up, another tremor hits. This dislodges her grip. She begins to reach out her hand again, and she grabs him, and bites into his back, trying even harder to pull him up. She finally hauls him on to the edge of the cliff. But then they look around, and see that the herd is very far away. They must move fast, in order to catch up with it. Finally, after a lot of running, they catch up. As she and the herd move on, she does not realise she is being stalked by a pack of Velociraptors, containing Sticks, Jackie, and Fred. She is then attacked by Sticks, as he claws into the side of One-arm. After a short tussle, One-arm is quickly dispatched by the pack.


Dinosaur Island

  • DI SE2 EP1
  • DI SE2 EP2
  • DI SE2 EP3


  • The figure used for One-arm was also used for Neara in the same season.
  • One-Arm is the only character in Dinosaur Island to have loosed a limb, and survive the encounter.