Raining is the ninth episode of season one of Dinosaur Island. The episode follows the events set into motion by a rainstorm which replenishes the island. It was uploaded on May 14 2013 and runs 8 minutes 21 seconds.


 The episode opens with multiple shots of various dinosaurs and locations on the island during a tropical rainstorm. We than flash to the lake where a herd of Stegosaurus our soaking. One of the juveniles wanders away from the rest of the herd, and is attacked by a male Deinosuchus: Jasper (a recurring character). The young Stegosaurus does not survive. On the opposite bank of the lake we see Onyx the Baryonyx and his new mate Saurina feeding on a freshly cought fish. This scene marks the first that Onyx appears in after his death scene is episode eight (a large inconsistency discussed in detail on the page for episode eight, Another Day). We then switch to the northern grasslands, where Bloodtooth the female T-Rex is hunting. Her chosen prey are two Pachycepholosaurus (one of which is Hammer, a main character of the series). When she attacks she easily brings down Hammers mate, but Hammer manages to escape the scene in time. But Hammer soon runs into bigger problems. After escaping Bloodtooth Hammer finds her self in a thick woodland, where she encounters a large male Megaraptor. The Megaraptor itself does not kill her, but in her effort to escape Hammer trips and falls down a large rise at the edge of the woodland. Hammer is nocked unconscious and is badly injured. In the end she survives, but at the time it was thought that she was dead, and this caused lot of distress among Dinosaur Island fans. The episode closes with shots of multiple dinosaurs and narration stating their various unfinished storylines.



  •  In January of 2012, when BionicleSaurus originally filmed Raining he found that all the video files for the episode had been corrupted, and nearly lost the episode. Thankfully he found a way to salvage the original files, but it is interesting to think that the first season of Dinosaur Island could have had a completely different episode nine.