Return of the Rains is the 4th episode of season one and the first episode after the three part pilot: "Welcome to the Island." The episode was uploaded to YouTube on April 22 2013 and runs a total of 4 minutes 37 seconds. Return of the Rains is rather infamous for being the first Dinosaur Island episode to include a scene depicting mating. This "toy sex" was something that caused quite a good deal of controversy.


 The first scene shows Bloodtooth the female Tyrannosaurus and her baby feeding on a deceased Triceratops. Soon they both leave the scene, leaving the carcass open for scavengers, in this case, a Sinraptor Dongi. After he feeds on the Triceratops, the Sinraptor leaves to go a local watering hole, only to find that it is completely dry (something already seen in the last episode: Welcome to the Island Part Three). It is there where he finds two Pachycepholosaurus mating (see above). A few seconds later it starts to rain for the first time since what the series hints at being a very long time. The episode concludes with a majestic scene of all the dinosaurs on the north side of the island drinking at the newly refilled watering hole. But one unlucky Parasaurolophus is attacked by a Deinosuchus Riograndensis. The Deinosuchus (later to be named "Jasper") becomes a recurring antagonist throughout the series.

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 In the scene in which the Sinraptor is feeding on the Triceratops carcass, fake blood is used for the very first time in the series. The blood used in the scene was red food coloring in water, which would later be replaced with the far more favorable watered-down red paint (which is still being used to this day).