Salty is a female Saltasaurus which appeared in the second season of Dinosaur Island. Her current position is unknown.


Haven't we been here before

Mark first appeared in the first episode of season 2 alongside Salty. In a montage showing off all the herbivores we will be following in season 2.

A Bad Meeting

Salty is seen in a overview shot that previews the next episode

I hate long walks

Salty is seen migrating across the south side of the island with other herbivores.

Tough Love

Mark and Salty are walking when Spiney attacks. Spiney bites Salty on the neck and knocks her over. However before Spiney can kill her Mark comes to rescue and knocks Spiney over. Spiney then gets back up and bites Mark on the neck. However Marks then hits Spiney with his tail. Spiney retreats, while Mark and Salty will try to recover from there neck bites.


Mark and Salty are grazing together. As well there injuries inflicted by Spiney have now healed completely.


Mark and Salty are both seen grazing with each other in the background. Alongside other major herbivore characters.

The End

Mark and Salty are quickly seen at the beginning grazing. and living a simple easy life.


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