Saurina is a female Baryonyx and the mate of Onyx. She appears in the later half of season one in Dinosaur Island.


Dinosaur Island

Season 1


Saurina makes her debut as Onyx's new mate. She is seen carrying a fish, which she drops so that they can feast on it. Soon they start squabbling over what little food is left.

Gory Battles

Saurina is shown digging a nest, just before she lays seven eggs.


Saurina and Onyx plot to steal the kill of a giganotosaurus. However, after the gigantosaurus nearly kills Onyx, Saurina, who is shocked and confused, retreats to go check on her eggs.

Water Works

Saurina appears with Onyx and their newly hatched baby.


Saurina makes her final appearance enjoying an aquatic reptile that Onyx has caught and brought to shore.


Dinosaur Island

  • Se1 Ep9
  • Se1 Ep10
  • Se1 Ep11
  • Se1 Ep12
  • Se1 Ep13



  • Saurina only appeared in the latter half of season 1.