Silas vs Gastonia is the sixth episode of Season 2 of Dinosaur Island. It was uploaded on February 8, 2014 and runs for 13 minutes and 31 seconds.


As Silas hunts down a Leptoceratops, he ends up in a dispute with Jackie and Sticks, who were also about to kill of the Leptoceratops. As they fight, Fred drags away the carcass slowly. Eventually, Silas retreats, while the Velociraptors eat the Leptoceratops carcass.

Meanwhile at the plains, Don and Ian are grazing. As they graze, a female Iguanadon passes by. As the female approaches, it catches the attention of Don, and they side each other up. Ian, being the dominant male, is not happy about the situation, and ends up fighting Don. As the female Iguanadon backs off, the two fight, until Don becomes the new dominant male.

As Silas searches for a meal, he finds a Gastonia. Silas is astounded by the defense capability of the herbivore, but because he is hungry, he tries to kill it anyway. Silas has a hard time keeping his footing due to the fact that they are on a hill, and as he tries to attack the Gastonia, it slashes his feet. Despite the injury, Silas gets back up and jumps onto it. Silas manages to pierce through the armor, but the Gastonia shrugs it off. Silas, still alive, attacks the Gastonia and manages to do a major injury onto it, until it collapses. Still alive, Silas pushes it off the hill, and finally kills it and eats it.

Back with the Iguanadons, they are doing quite well. Don, being the new dominant male, mates with the female (who likes the herd she is in), while Ian stares at them, feeling that he is the third wheel and doesn't know what to do.

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