Slayer is a male Giganotosaurus who appears on Prehistoric Island.


One is the Loneliest Number

We find out that Malachite's parents killed and territory taken by Slayer. We then see Slayer attack Malachite. It looks all over when a Ankylosaurus hits Slayer forcing him to leave. Saving Malachite's life.

The Fall of House T-Rex

Slayer appears in Malachites nightmare. It shows the death of Malachites parents as they are killed and eaten by Slayer.

The Dry Season

Malachites jaw gets broken and Slayer tries to kill him. However it is revealed that Malachite somehow survived the vicious attack.


Slayer watches Tiger eating the Maiasaura in the distance. Realizing he might have to be weary if he wants to remain the top predator. Later Slayer battles Stewie and nearly kills him. However Blue accidentally redirects Slayers attention to her. Slayer then chases after Blue and kills her.

A Kings End

A Daeodon and a Smilodon are fighting for a Triceratops carcass. The Smilodon backs down however it is not because of the Daeodon. The Daeodon finds out what it is a bit to late. It is Slayer. Slayer then kills the Daeodon and eats the Daeodon and the dead Triceratops.

Later Tiger comes in and battles Slayer. However during the fight Slayer tries to kill Malachites son. Malachite is then forced to join the fight. He then battles Slayer until Stewie comes in and saves him. Malachite,Stewie,and the Tiger all against Slayer. There teamwork eventually overwhelms Slayer and it leads to him being knocked over by TIger and get impaled by a tree. Slayer then slowly dies.


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