The thumbnail of Storm. A still of Hammer in The Rock Desert.

Storm is the seventh episode of season one of Dinosaur Island. The episode follows Hammer (a female Pachycepholosaurus) on her journey to escape an incoming hurricane on the north side of the island. The episode was uploaded on May 5 2013 and runs 12 minutes 50 seconds long.


 The episode opens with a few shots of the island and various dinosaurs caught in the first wave of an impending hurricane. We then flash to the introduction of Hammer, one of the main characters of the first season of Dinosaur Island. The narration of the scene states that Hammer has few safe places to retreat to during the incoming storm and that her only realistic option is to escape the path of the hurricane itself, thus starting her rigorous migration. The first location Hammer arrives at in her journey is a large canyon which acts at least temporarily as a buffer from the harsh winds. But the canyon has hidden dangers. Soon Hammer encounters a large Giganotosaurus Carolinii. She manages to escape it, taking refuge in a nearby cave where she also waits out the night. At daybreak she continues on her journey, moving into a large patch of thick reeds and tall grass. But a mother Apatosaurus is nearby, and despite being an herbivore herself, Hammer triggers the Apatosaurus' instinct to protect her baby. In an effort to escape the huge sauropod, Hammer makes an awful blunder and falls off the side of a tall cliff side. Thankfully she survives. After her fall Hammer find her self in The Rock Desert, a recurring location in the first season of Dinosaur Island. Finally, after days of migration, Hammer arrives at the south side of the island (a place that was, at the time, rather unknown). There she finds not only other members of her own kind, but even a male that she bred with quite some time ago.

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  •  After her cliffside fall in Storm, Hammer tripping and falling became an odd trend in the series. In the end it is a trip that allows two Utahraptors to bring her down.