Strack is a male Styracosaurus which appeared multiple times in the second season of Dinosaur Island. He also makes an appearance in Dinosaur Island Revival.


Dinosaur Island

Haven't We Been Here Before?

Strack made his first appearance in the episode: "Haven't we Been Here Before?" where he and the rest of his family are introduced. His next appearance was in ep2 when he and his family walking into the bushes getting something to eat, the Styracosaurs are next seen walking up to the watering hole to get a drink when his father Uno is trapped He and his mother Maggy try to help Uno out and they successfully did, He made his final appearance in the last episode of season 2, where he is seen grazing with the rest of his family.

Dinosaur Island Revival

Strack is first introduced to DI Revival when he saves Zeus' herd from a large pack of Utahraptors in episode 6: Royale.


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  • He is the only remaining member of the Styracosaur herd from season 2 to be in Dinosaur Island Revival.
  • It is currently unknown to the whereabouts of the rest of his family.