Sunny is a male Oviraptor who appeared in the second season of Dinosaur Island.


Dinosaur Island

Haven`t we been here before?

Sunny is quickly seen in a compilation of some of the new carnovores.

I hate long walks

Sunny is seen trying to raid a nest. However just when he tries to break one of the eggs with his beak. The angry mother returns. It is a Parasaurolophus, and she angrily chases Sunny off.

Dino crime trail

Sunny is searching for food in the Dark Woodland. When he finds a mangled carcass of a baby Apatosaurus. He quickly takes this chance and begins eating it. However a load roar in the distance scares him away and he quickly runs all the way out of the Dark Woodland.

An Odd Alliance

Sunny is quickly seen in a preview for the next episode


Sunny tries to hunt the baby Redsail however he steps on a stick witch wakes him up. Sunny still tries to make the hunt work and almost succeeds. But Redsail cries for help and the dad comes back to save the day. The dad Spinosaurus bites Sunny on the tail quickly Sunny escapes after that.


Sunny is quickly seen stalking the giant herd of dinosaurs. He never attacks though.

The End

Sunny is scavenging off a dead Plateosaurus. Unfortunately Razor comes in and after a quick fight scares off Sunny and steels the dead Plateosuarus for himself.


Dinosaur Island

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