Tank is a Vegaceratops from Stracks herd in Dinosaur Island revival.   



Zeus's herd is being attacked by a huge pack of Utahraptors and Sabre the T-rex. Zeus's herd is unable to fend them all of when Stracks herd arrives to save the day. Each member taking down a raptor. Tank saves Crimson from a nameless raptor. After this Strack and Zeus's herds merge.

The Fall

The Utahraptors are back with another hunt. This time though half of the herd splits up witch includes Tank. However the rest of the herd is badly injured.

Lost and Found

Tank and the rest of the herd reunite and become one big herd again.

A New King

Tank is quickly seen in the background migrating with the rest of his herd.

5 Long years

Tank is still with the herd after 5 years and he seas Buck for the first time.

Let the Games Begin

Tank is seen in the first round of the games. He quickly defeated by Hades.

Old Blood

The Utahraptors and the Scavangers all work together to hunt the Ceratopsian herd. However when Zeus is covered with the predators he cries for help. Tank is the only one to hear him and he charges at all the predators on Zeus getting them all off. However the Utahraptors and the Scavangers make Tank there new target they kill in eat him. Tanks sacrifice was not in vain he saved Zeus from the The Utahraptors and the Scavangers.


  • DIR Se1 Ep6
  • DIR Se1 Ep8
  • DIR Se1 Ep11
  • DIR Se2 Ep13
  • DIR Se3 Ep1
  • DIR Se3 Ep5
  • DIR Se3 Ep6