The Body Count Rises is the 12th episode of season 2. It was uploaded on July 11th 2014. It runs for 9 minutes 47 seconds


With Spiney many things are different. Silas,Dongi,and Delta are now the top predators and are beginning to take advantage.They first kill and entire pack of Dromeosaurs. They then find a herd of many different types of Hadrosaurs. They begin to kill as many as they can. By the end of it they have more meat then they can possibly eat.

However For Red-Sail it is the complete opposite. He is an orphan now, at a very young age he already has to fend for himself. Predictably predators catch on to this and a Sinraptor tries to hunt Red-Sail. However when the Sinraptor attack Red-Sail the camera malfunctions and Red-Sail is missing.

Lastly, Sticks,Jackie,and Fred are all sitting at there nesting ground But what the pack doesn't know is that they are being watched. And they are being stalked by Razor the Utahraptor. Before his eyes, both his mother and father are dead. He tries to wake up his father not releasing this fact. Razor then picks him up in his jaws and tosses him off the plateau. Fred is the only one of the three Velocoraptors to survive.

Appearing Characters