The Dry Season is the fifth episode of the first season of Prehistoric Island. It runs 12 minutes and 59 seconds.


The Dry Season hits and animals are struggling to survive. Especially the Herbivores because there is no water to drink or grow plants for them to eat. This includes Todd and Theo who are forced to take shade under a tree to cool off. However a group of Allosaurs find them. Theo tries to fight back against one of the Allosaurs. However he is weakened by the drought. He also overwhelmed by a second female Allosaurus attack him from behind. Bringing him down and killing him. Luckily for Theo his son Todd is able to escape and live a full life.

Things are not as hard for the carnivores though. Like for Mark who finds a dead Stegosaurus. He has made a confordible living off of feasting on the weak or dead herbivores who are struggling in the dry season. However a huge group of Dimetrodon are here to steel his kill from him. One bite from one Dimetrodon and the overwhelming numbers again scare Mark off.

Later we then see Dylan who has unfortunately succumbed to the infection on his leg, with his sister staying nearby his corpse. However, she leaves, as she must find food herself. Otherwise she will starve. Dylan's body is then scavenged upon by nearby scavengers. Including Archie. However A bigger scavenger a Ceratosaurus attacks. It bites Archie and kills him effortlessly.

Lastly we see Malachite who is seen following a herd of Sauropods for days now, trying to pick off one of the juveniles. Luckily one juvenile wanders away from the herd and takes the opportunity. However, a large female Apatosaurus notices him. , distracted by the tail, loses his prey as the juvenile runs back into the safety of the herd. Driven by hunger and desperation, attacks. In a flash, it is over. His jaw smashed by the tail of the Apatosaurus. And his day has gotten worse, Slayer the Giganotosaurus that killed his parents and siblings was also stalking the herd, and with his jaw broken, it appears his fate has been sealed.

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