The Fall of House T. rex is the third episode of the first season of Prehistoric Island. It runs for 14 minutes and 48 seconds


Malachite rests under a tree to heal of his wounds since the last episode. Ever since the Giganotosaurus attacked Malachite, he starts to get a flashback of the day his family was killed by the Giganotosaurus.

The scene travels back two years from now, showing Malachite being with his family, as well as introducing them. His father, Tyrant, was the king of the island. However, the family has one main enemy: the Giganotosaurus.

One day, as Tyrant goes out to hunt, he leaves Matilda to take care of Malachite and his siblings. As their mother rests, Malachite's brother explores the territory, unaware of the Giganotosauruses watching from the shrubs.

Eventually, Malachite's brother gets eaten, alerting Matilda. Enrages, she attacks the Giganotosaurus, but upon knocking it out, another Giganotosaurus joins the fight. The second Giganotosaurus bites and tears Matilda's neck, eventually killing her. And with Matilda gone, they look for Malachite and his sister.

A few minutes later, Tyrant returns empty-handed, but sees his mate Matilda, lying dead on the ground. He roars in sadness, only to find two Giganotosauruses searching for his children.

Malachite and his sister hide in the shrubs as the Giganotosauruses search for them. Suddenly, Tyrant roars at them in anger, and charges at them. The male Giganotosaurus backs of to search for the children, while the female engages in a bloody battle with Tyrant. Eventually, Tyrant wins, but he hears some squealing. At the site, Malachite watches in fear as the male Giganotosaurus eats his sister. Even more enraged, Tyrant charges at the Giganotosaurus, while Malachite flees.

Unbeknownst to them, a Triceratops skeleton lays a few feet ahead. However, the Giganotosaurus sees it, and slams Tyrant using its tail into the sharp horns. One of the horns have impaled Tyrant's neck, and it kills him off. Tyrant's rule as the king of the island has ended, leaving the Giganotosaurus to take his place. Malachite, who has witnessed all that has happened, has no choice but to live on his own.

The flashback ends, and the traumatized Malachite takes a rest, and hopes to avenge his family's death.



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