The Heart of the Storm is the second episode of Dinosaur Island Revival.


The episode begins with Blizzard eating the corpse of a human, who turns out to be the cameraman in the snow. Then we go to the north side of the island as a Daxiotitan named Drax, who happened to get caught in an avalanche. At his back, without knowledge, a Guanlong takes a few bites on it, then runs to alert it`s pack. Fortunately, Drax escapes, and tries to find his herd.

Then we see Matthew, the baby Tyrannosaurus. He felt hungry for weeks, and his father has been out for a while. Then his father, Sabre, comes in and we find out that sabre is the grandchild of Bloodtooth and Matthew is the great grandchild of Bloodtooth. The tyrannosaurs are trying to get to the South side of the island Suddenly, a Giganotosaurus appears and attacks. While taking a few injuries, Sabre was dragged down and the Giganotosaurus proceeds to kill Matthew. He later gets up and strikes, taking one final blow on his neck, killing it eventually. Then the two proceed to eat the dead Giganotosaurus.

Meanwhile, a big herd of Ceratopsians are introduced. While they may not be a large herd they are still a big herd, we have Zeus the Triceratops and the leader of the herd, Hades the Pachyrhinosaurus, Spike the Styracosaurus, his mate Crimson, Orion the Torosaurus and Riggley the Xenoceratops along with Zeus' children Tony Lucy, Buck and Finally Spike and Crimson's Daughter Sophia. They are also trying to get to the South side of the island. A few hours later they are confronted by, Drax calls out to them to search for his herd. With this, Zeus, assigns him join his herd to protect the younglings, thus, ending the episode.

Appearing Characters