Tough Love is the seventh episode of season 2 of Dinosaur Island. It lasts 15 minutes and 34 seconds.


In the Rock Dessert, Spiney is seen suffering due to the hardships he has while finding a mate.

6 weeks ago, Spiney goes on a hunt. He finds it quite hard to find suitable prey, as most of the available prey items are usually too big or too small. He gets some luck when he spots Bertha, but as he prepares to strike, Bertha whips him with her spiked tail, making a deep wound on Spiney's face, leaving him with no choice but to flee.

However, hunting was unnecessary, as he has a lot more things to worry about. Most notably the fact that the mating season for his species has started. This however, is going to be an incredibly hard process seeing that most Spinosaurus on the island are solitary.

He starts by searching in the plains, as many large dinosaurs hang out there. As he searches for a female Spinosaurus, he instead finds Salty, and decides to hunt her down first. He bites deep into Salty`s neck, and tries to kill her off until Mark comes to save her. Upon trying to check up on her, gets up and bites Mark`s neck. Despite this, Mark whips `s leg with his tail, forcing him to retreat.

After 2 weeks, Spiney ends up in Spinosaur Pass. He tries to dig for water, but finds none. As he tries to dig, he hears Bloodtooth roaring at him. The two start to battle, only to find a passerby Giganotosaurus roar at them, and the three dinosaurs battle each other. By the end of the fight, Bloodtooth leaves the scene, and the Giganotosaurus bites Spiney`s leg, breaking it in the process.

Some time later, Spiney gets up, limping as he walks. He finds a small oasis, and sees a herd of Brachiosauruses pass by. Not wanting to mess up with the Brachiosauruses, he backs off, leaving the herd to drink all the water in the oasis until there is nothing left.

As he goes on to the Rock Dessert, his leg stops bleeding but his bones have not healed, leaving him vulnerable to smaller predators like Delta and Dongi, accompanied by their baby. Being tired of being pestered by the pair, he picks up and eats their baby, forcing the two Deltadromeuses to retreat.

As he walks in the Rock Dessert, he was almost about to give up when he finds some Spinosaur dung. Believing there could be a female in the area, his journey to find a mate almost ends.



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  • This is the second episode in the series to completely revolve around a specific character, in this case, Spiney. The first episode to completely revolve around a single character was Storm, which revolves around Hammer