Triceratops is a buff herbivore which which lived during the Cretaceous period about 65 million years ago. It is an iconic dinosaur (symbolized by its three horns) which can be recognized by most people today.


Triceratops is the most famous and well known dinosaur from the Ceratopsian family. It had a large frill that was most likely used to attract mates. As well as a beak, triceratops had three horns positioned on its head that were probably used to fend off predators.


Due to their low head, they were low grazers, and thus, fed on shrubs or grass. Due to their jaws being tipped with a deep, narrow beak, they are believed to have been better at grasping and plucking than biting.

As for the horns, they were frequently depicted as weapons for charging into enemies. In reality however, due to being made of keratin, the horns could have broke while charging. From this it could have been assumed that the horns should have been used like swords

But just like all the dinosaurs in all series, they have some sort of anthropomorphism. They can think for themselves and others, and even have feelings.




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