Trouble in paradise is the fourth episode of Dinosaur Island Revival. It runs 10 minutes and 17 seconds long.


After the herd split, Orion becomes the leader of part of the Ceratopsian herd. The herd is grazing in a field at their old nesting site, while Drax feels lonely because he is the last of his kind. Being the leader, Orion challenges Hades to fight. He wins the fight shortly, and he has proven again that he is the new leader.

10 meters away, as Riggley is finding her way home, Orion spots her, and makes sure she knows he is the boss. After a few days, another herd member which is Crimson has found the herd as well. Once again, Orion proves to Crimson that he is the boss, while Crimson`s mate has gone missing, and only three out of four babies are with her, Crimson and the children were being attacked by Blizzard, Buck went a different direction and Blizzard chased after him. Orion decides to go back and conquer a new area, but nobody else is following him, making Orion very angry.

The entire herd was tired from running and walking all day Orion try's to order the herd to get up and they all think he's crazy, Riggley had enough of this and attacks Orion, Orion gets back up and rams Riggley on her side. Orian was starting to get angrier and angrier, Orion knows what he has done and he can't fix it, Hades starts roaring at Orion. Orion orders the herd to leave Riggley behind, and goes towards the children and pushes them trying to get them up, then he stomps on Tony and Zeus' son can't get up. Orion has snapped, when suddenly Zeus the true leader of the ceratopsian herd has rammed Orion and he is motionless but he's not dead, he has broken ribs, broken legs and can't get up. Zeus is not happy at Orion for pushing his children, Zeus goes towards Orion and stomps on him. Zeus has banished Orion from the herd. Zeus walks towards his children, and the where reunited, he had fought off the Utahraptors and he has a scare on his left eye, Zeus then realizes that his other son buck is missing, he leaves Hades in charge and he walks of to find his missing son.



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