Under Water Battle is the 10th episode of season 2 of Dinosaur Island. It was uploaded on March 6th 2014 and runs for 9 minutes 11 seconds. 


Jasper is hunting in his lake, waiting patiently for prey to walk past. He has been waiting for a long time, and yet, no suitable prey has wandered by. But that is all about to change. A Miragaia has come near the lake. But Jasper has to be careful, as the animals tail spikes could be deadly. Jasper must be wary against this animal.The Miragaia then begins to move towards the lake, and Jasper is ready to attack.

He knocks the Miragaia on its side, and he begins to bite down on its back. One of the animals spikes, however, gets embedded into his tongue. He manages to get the spike out, but he is too deterred to carry on the attack. The Miragaia then begins to walk away.

But luck is on Jaspers side, as a much easier target, has arrived at the lake.A male Albertosaurus arrives at the lake, and Jasper knows he can easily take down the vulnerable animal.And then, with a swift motion, he attacks.

He flips over the Tyrannosaur, and he bites down on its neck with his bone crushing jaws. He squeezes all of the blood out of the animal's neck, easily killing the animal. Jasper then begins to feast on the Albertosaurus. But as he eats his prey, he is oblivious to another predator in the lake.

Jasper, however, manages to notice the predator behind him, (being a Tylosaurus) and he turns around to face his opponent. Jasper manages to scare off the Tylosaurus with his appearance alone, and his opponent retreats. Jasper, however, is quick to follow.

Jasper and the Tylosaurus then begin to fight underwater, with Jasper managing to get a good hold on one of the Tylosaurus' flippers. He then pulls back on the limb, causing the animal great pain. The Tylosaurus then attacks back at Jasper, knocking the wind out of him. He then begins to cry in pain. Jasper, however, continues to fight on. Jasper seems to be losing against his opponent when suddenly, the Tylosaurus is pulled out of the water. Jasper looks up, confused on what has just happened.Jasper surfaces, noticing that Spiney was the one to kill the animal. He then goes back underwater, waiting for another dinosaur to wander by.

Appearing Characters 


  • Under Water Battle has the least amount of reoccurring characters then any other episode.