Water Works is the 12th episode of Season 1 of Dinosaur Island. It runs 15 minutes and 51 seconds, and was posted on June 3 2013.


The episode begins with a family of Tyrannosaurus cannibalizing a corpse. Unfortunately, the meat doesn`t taste good, for it was rotting near a stream that leads to a lagoon. There, even the Kronosaurus had a gum infection. Nearby, we see Onyx and Saurina with their baby. Onyx appears to be looking for fish and digging out the mud. The digging makes the shallow lagoon fill up.

Then, we see the Brachiosaurus herd, unhappy because of the drought that has happened a few episodes ago shallowed the same lagoon. Two days passed, and the lagoon is completely filled up. The nearby rivers have started to fill up, and many thirsty dinosaurs have came to drink. Two Daspletosaurus, which have happened to be fighting some predators, get a good drink from the river.

Not only the dinosaurs have flourished once again, but the pterasaurs have dominated the skies of the island. One Pteranadon flying over the plains has snagged a fish. Unfortunately, the Kronosaurus eats the Pteranadon before it even ate it`s meal. Meanwhile, while a Caudipteryx is making a nest, a Giganotosaurus is stalking it. The hunt was successful, and the Giganotosaurus starts to feed on it. And while feeding on it, a Dilophosaurus has found the opportunity to eat the dead Caudipteryx. It was feeding happily until the Giganotosaurus attacks it. The Dilophosaurus survives and steals a gut from the carcass, but even before it does, the Giganotosaurus grabs the gut and start to fight over it with the Dilophosaurus. The Giganotosaurus won the fight and ate the Dilophosaurus' carcass. It eventually returns to eating the dead Caudipteryx.

At the Northern Watering Hole, the Stegosaurus herd, with it`s new babies, attempt to drink the water. The alpha drinks the water to test if it`s safe, and later signals a younger individual to come. But while drinking, Jasper comes to attack the baby Stegosaurus. Eventually the alpha orders the herd to move out.

At a hadrosaur nesting ground, we see many different hadrosaurs like the Parasaurolophus, Corythosaurus, and Iguanadon. The herd lives close by a stream. The herd happens to live near the Brachiosaurus herd, which live near the lagoon. And nearby has a group of Megaraptors eating a dead Iguanadon. The three each take turns eating the carcass. The Megaraptors later see a baby Maiasaurua, which is perfect prey for the pack. The hunt was successful, and the episode ends.

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  • Water Works has the second highest view count in the series. As of August 2017, the episode has amassed 2,645,290 total views