Welcome to the Island is a 3-part introduction to the series. The episodes run a total of 21 guns minutes and 23 seconds.


Part 1

Because it was by a 10-year old palaeofag (or should I say BionicleSaurus before he was allowed to use YouTube), it starts off with some Tyrannosaurus killing a Triceratops, then it drinks from a shallow lake until a Stegosaurus comes to drink making the Tyrannosaurus walk away then an Allosaurus pops out of nowhere and as it attacks the Stego it stumbles letting the Stego stab its belly to kill it then it walks away unaware of the Giganotosaurus. the end

Part 2

Then the Stegosaurus dies because of the Giganotosaurus.

It then does a victory roar and sleeps but while it did so Bloodtooth (then unnamed) pops out of nowhere and takes some meat from the carcass and walks off to her nest and gives it to her son but as she leaves a bunch of Velociraptors attempt to attack her baby then out of motherly instinct she comes back and scares away the Velociraptors while back with the Giganotosaurus it had to leave because a Brachiosaurus (from a migrating herd) was about to drink from the watering hole then it goes back and the herd passes by Bloodtooth and her baby. THE END

Part 3

Bloodtooth's baby hides in the bushes because of the Brachiosauruses pasing by but as they pass one of them eats from the leaves and it leaves and the herd eventually goes to the Northern Grasslands meanwhile a Baryonyx pops out of nowhere near a river somewhere on the island only to discover that it's dried up and that there's a drought happening on the island right now and due to said drought various herbivores try to dig holes just to find water and the narrator goes on for 3 minutes lamenting about the drought that may kill everyone (spoiler: it ends)


  • A bunch of unnamed dinosaurs (they were common in season 1)


  • These episodes were Bionicle's least favorite episodes in Dinosaur Island, especially episode 2